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Bill Pay

Click the applicable icon below for information on how to quickly pay your bill. This information is available if your policy is being paid directly to the carrier or through a premium finance company. If your policy is setup as “agency bill” (meaning we retain responsibility for billing, then you will need to Contact Us or login to your Client Portal


Click the below icons for information on how to file a claim directly with your carrier. If you are unsure about the nature of your loss, which policy applies or just need advice, please don’t hesitate to call us! The below information is simply available to you for convenience. We are always here to serve and advocate! NOTE: If your carrier is NOT listed here, then you can only file your claim through our office, so please call us.

Also, please note that workers compensation claims should always be reported immediately and a First Report of Injury form is required.  We’ve made these available for all southeastern states here: 

The state form to fill out is based on which state your injured worker is applying for benefits under – call the carrier and ask their advice if in doubt.

If the applicable state’s form is not listed, then please call our office or do a google search for it or call the carrier and ask them for a copy.